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Devastating floods result of climate change

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ISLAMABAD: The devastating flooding that has swamped a large part of the Punjab province and Azad Kashmir and left millions homeless is one of the worst natural disasters to date attributable to the climate change.

According to the experts, there are a few facts that point towards climate change as having to do with this kind of flooding that has joined the ranks of the worst natural disasters in recorded history.

Pakistan generally receives summer rainfall from July to September through a system called ‘monsoon’ or the ‘Eastern Disturbance’ that originates from Bay of Bengal, travels through India and delivers rain to eastern Pakistan, including Sindh, Punjab and Azad Kashmir.

The Climate Change expert Ghulam Rasul in his comment said the weather event such as the one witnessed in Pakistan is the beginning of the new normal in years to come and the aberration in weather patterns would be exacerbated by inadequate and poor planning.

In his reported statement he said the reason for this heavy precipitation is quite clear; it is a consequence of climate change because the monsoonal system overstayed its journey over the plains of Punjab where the cold wind interacted with surface temperatures that were high, leading to increased heat energy.

Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman, another climate change expert, said though Pakistan produces a very small fraction of greenhouse gases but it is one of those countries who are fast becoming worst kind of victim of the climate change in the world.

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