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Detained Pakistani students: Local media’s demands for apology misguided: BHC

ISLAMABAD: The British High Commission (BHC) in Pakistan said in a written statement on Friday that demands by local media that the UK government should apologise for the bringing of ‘false charges of terrorism’ against 10 Pakistani nationals were based on misrepresented facts. The statement said the British police may, during the course of any investigation, act on information or intelligence that suggests an individual’s involvement in terrorist-related activities, and the prosecution can only decide on a trial after the investigation.

“If the police and prosecutors conclude in such cases that there is insufficient admissible evidence to proceed with a criminal trial, the home secretary [interior minister] will consider whether (any) other action is appropriate,” the statement said. The home secretary can also order the deportation of foreign nationals if they pose a threat to national security. “The decision to deport is based on a careful assessment of the threat and the detainees can challenge this decision in the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, and are entitled to legal aid,” it said. It said the foreigners enjoy the right to consular access whilst in immigration detention and are free to contact their embassy. “It is up to the individual whether or not they wish to involve their embassy or high commission,” it said. The UK Border Agency, upon inquiry, has come to know that in at least one case, the Pakistani student charged was not only not registered with the college claimed, but the said college did not offer the course at all.
Source: Daily Times