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Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

LAHORE – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is being observed by different member states of United Nations including Pakistan on Thursday (November 25) with a pledge all out efforts will continue to be made to give women respectable status in the society.

The day is aimed at stimulating positive thinking in municipalities and parliaments, schools and universities, clubs and associations, work places, non-governmental organisations, and the media about rights of women.

To mark the day, various NGOs would organise different functions in various parts of the country like rest of the world in a bid to promote the spirit of respect for women.

Analysts told Business Recorder here on Wednesday violence affected the lives of millions of women world-wide, in all socio-economic and educational classes. It cut across cultural and religious barriers, impeding the right of women to participate fully in society.

They said violence against women took a dismaying variety of forms, from domestic abuse and rape to child marriages and female circumcision. All were violations of the most fundamental human rights. ‘Violence against women is a universal problem that must be universally condemned. Studies in 10 countries have found that between 17 per cent and 38 per cent of women have suffered physical assaults by a partner’, they said.

They were of the view violence against women constituted a violation of basic human rights and was an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives of equality, development and peace.

They said women were victims of incest, rape and domestic violence often lead to trauma, physical handicap or death.

Moreover, according to the World Health Organisation, 85 million to 115 million girls and women in the population had undergone some form of female genital mutilation and suffer from its adverse health effects. Every year an estimated 2 million young girls undergo that procedure. Most lived in Africa and Asia but an increasing number could be found among immigrant and refugee families in Western Europe and North America.

Source: Business Recorder