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Crimes against women

The unending incidents of human rights violations, especially against women, are cause for extreme concern and depressing signs of the lawless times we live in. Mariam’s murder in Khanewal and the torturing of a woman at the hands of another woman who cut off her hair in Gujranwala, reflect the extent of social degeneration.

Apart from murder, rape and acid throwing, now stripping people naked and parading them in public is the latest disgusting trend, with a man and a woman subjected to such inhuman and humiliating treatment at the hand of the police themselves. Despite the revulsion of ordinary Pakistanis for such abatement and cruelty and the presence of laws protecting against such criminal behaviour, not only do the culprits go scot free, but the fact that the culprits are at times the police themselves is further food for thought.

The government must make a harsh example of those guilty of such harrasment. Though laws do exist against such heinous crimes they are hardly enforced, leaving space for self-styled judges and juries in the shape of jirga’s whose laws are immediately executed by their law enforcement squads. The police, with a minute number of exceptions, have become a part of the problem, not the solution.

Boggles the mind who to turn to in such a hopeless situation.

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