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Crime rate against women on rise

IT is indeed strange that despite greater awareness about rights of women, data for the last two years indicates a sharp rise in crimes against women.

According to details, about 17700 cases of violence against women were registered during the period. These included 612 cases of honour killing, 67 stove burst, 6 incidents each of acid throwing and vani, 2484 cases of sexual harassment and 4717 cases of physical torture at homes.

This substantial rise in violence against women is alarming in the backdrop of campaign against violence launched both by the Government and NGOs and strongly encouraged by courts. May be this is because previously majority of cases remained unreported but with active media and NGOs such violations of fundamental rights have started coming to light in their true perspective. Whatever the reason, this rising trend is deplorable and needs to be curbed both at societal and governmental levels. No doubt, the Government has initiated a number of policy measures for empowerment of women. Women have substantial representation at all tiers of governance – right from union councils to Provincial/National Assemblies and Senate.

Previously, women traditionally joined Health and Education Departments but now they are embracing challenging positions like pilots, army officers, engineers and scientists. Women also have good representation at Provincial and Federal Cabinets enabling them to influence policies especially those having a direct bearing on them. All this shows that women have quite visible and significant role in national mainstream but it is not the question of only Governmental initiative but also the societal attitude and feudal mentality.

With education and awareness the situation has changed a lot but still in the interior Sindh, rural Punjab, and major parts of the NWFP and Balochistan women are not accorded their rightful place in the society because of ignorance, prejudices and misinterpretation of the religious teachings on the subject. Therefore, both the Government and the members of the civil society will have to do more to banish such social ills.
Source: The Frontier Post