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CPNE slams govt tactics to suppress newspapers

ISLAMABAD – A meeting of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) was held here with Convener Khushnood Ali Khan in the chair.

The meeting discussed the removal of Daily Jinnah, Islamabad, from the Central Media List. Observing other acts against the freedom of the press, the meeting passed a resolution that said: ‘The act of removing an ABC newspaper from the Central Media List by the Federal Ministry of Information could result in a remorseful situation.

These acts of government and ministry concerned not only affect the newspaper but also hurt the working journalists and they cannot perform their duties freely. The Federal Minister for Information, Sh. Rashid Ahmad, who is very sensitive regarding the rights of journalists, should restore the membership of Daily Jinnah in the Central Media List. However, CPNE, obseryes that restricting’ the journalists from reporting is also an act against the freedom of the Press. The act of sending policemen to the newspaper office and searching the press is also condemnable. The objective of such acts is only to suppress the newspapers and journalists.’

Substitute Convener Mehtab Khan (Daily Sahafat), members Ghulam Akbar (Daily Al­Akhbar), Beg Raaj (Daily Dinn), Shahida Latif (Monthly Overseas International), Abdul Wadood Qureshi (Daily Jinnah), and others attended the meeting.
Source: The Nation