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KARACHI – Tributes were paid to late Zamir Niazi at a condolence reference, organized by the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors here on June 18. Veteran journalist M.A. Zuberi, who presided over the meeting, recalled Mr Niazi’s career spanning over 56 years.

Recalling the formative days of Zamir Niazi’s career, Mr. Zuberi said that these were the days when journalism used to be a profession and not a job. Unfortunately, he said, now journalism had become an employment like any other job.

Zamir Niazi never compromised on his professionalism and made progress from sub-editor to shift in-charge, article writer and so on, he said. He further said that the best way to pay tribute to late Niazi was to follow his foot-steps.

CPNE secretary-general Jabbar Khattak said that Zamir Niazi was of the opinion that in today’s world, press freedom was no more an issue, as media was free and daily millions of words were being written. He said Zamir Niazi believed that for survival of any society, institutions like press and judiciary must be free of corruption.

In this connection, he said that the Indian society was on the road to progress because their press and judiciary were free from corruption. Prof Tauseef Ahmad said that in the history of journalism in the subcontinent, there were many journalists who had authored a number of books on press, but it was Mr Niazi who had the credit of laying the foundation of scientific research in journalism.

Riaz Siddiqui, who is associated with monthly Badalti Dunya and Manshoor, highlighted the aspect of literary pursuit and neck for research of Mr. Niazi. CPNE vice-president Mahmudul Aziz conducted the reference.
Source: Dawn