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CPD condemns ban on BBC by cable operators

LAHORE: The Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) has condemned the All Pakistan Cable Operators Association for imposing a ban on the BBC World, accusing it of intolerable interference in press freedom, which will also undermine the reputation of the democratic government.

The CPD said that the Pakistan media was now at the centre of a struggle for democratic values in the country. CPD Executive Director M Shoib Adil strongly supported the independent media and freedom of the press, as by shutting down the world-class news channels, millions of the viewers are deprived of their right to information access.

He also lamented that no media organisation or any political party had courage to flay this unlawful step of the cable operators, which actually had been taken on the behest of the establishment. The CPD strongly condemned the closure of the BBC World by the cable operators in Pakistan, and said that the press freedom had never been consistent in Pakistan.

The executive director of the CPD said that now media had become pluralistic and many viewers in Pakistan also watched international broadcast via a dish or cable. The multiple-channel broadcasting has set a new trend in Pakistani society by giving the users more control over the communication process.
Source: Daily Times