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Countrywide protests for Hudood laws: JI

LAHORE, July 19 2006: Jamaat-i-Islami Amir Qazi Husain Ahmad on July 18 said the successful public meeting at Attock had foiled all conspiracy theories to create rift in the ranks of MMA. While addressing members of Islami Jamiat Talbat, he said the alliance had kicked off a drive against military dictatorship, feudal and `westernised’ people. The MMA supreme council had unanimously endorsed the ouster of Gen Musharraf through mass movement. He said: “The Hudood laws are not the root cause of problems rather the trouble lies with the government and their implementation.”

The MMA’s timely protest had forced Islamabad not to repeal the Hudood ordinance and instead go for procedural changes to it. He said Pakistani women were very well aware of the rationale of Hudood punishments, therefore media campaigns could not succeed in changing their views. He said country-wide protests would be staged in favour of Hudood laws wherein Islam-loving women would throng to encounter the western propaganda unleashed by a group of women against Islamic laws. The JI would protect Islamic civilisation on all fronts and give a tough time to secular forces.

Unlike western societies, he said, Islam accorded great respect to women as mother, sister, wife and daughter, but lackeys of the West wanted to pitch them against each other. He regretted that Gen Musharraf had once scolded one of the women ministers for not shaking hand with a foreign dignitary during his trip. The JI leader advised women to guard their homes against obscenity. He urged them to adhere to Islamic values of modesty.
Source: Dawn