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Contrived interview

Sir: Journalists are considered to be the watchdogs of society, and they are known for their liberalism and fearlessness. But sadly, we have now seen the reality of some of our journalists, whether it is Myra Khan’s show controversy or the very latest Mubasher Lucman and Mehr Bokhari’s interview with the real estate tycoon Malik Riaz. The video that has been leaked has shown the real face of some of our journalists and media by depicting that the whole show was contrived and fake.

All the questions Malik Riaz was being asked were planned and prepared.
Good actors I must say! This act has filled the minds of many viewers with questions like: from now on, would we ever be able to consider our media as an honest and truthful medium?

Why did any of them not resist or refuse to interview Malik Riaz in a scripted manner? Was the show done to mislead people so that Malik Riaz’s case can be shrouded? Would people ever be able to trust whatever is being aired on television again?

This leak has certainly damaged the credibility of our journalists and anchors, who the new generation looks up to. It will also reduce the value of the current talk shows, as all this is against the ethics of journalism. It is high time for PEMRA to wake up and take some serious steps. It is indeed the most humiliating day for journalists all over Pakistan.

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