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Computerisation of arms licence difficult under new system

Karachi: The computerised arms license management information system, which was recently launched by the now defunct city district government Karachi (CDGK), is on the verge of becoming dysfunctional just one month after its inauguration, sources informed PPI.

The system was inaugurated on November 11, 2011. The first phase of the system involved the creation of a record of all the arms licenses that had been issued during the tenure of the now defunct CDGK. The second phase of the program was the creation of an electronic database of the licenses.

The system was meant to give license holders the ability to get all relevant personal information by typing their National Identity Card (NIC) number on CDGK’s website that is supposed to be launched in February 2012.

Sources say that the data of more than 2,000 arms licenses have already been already been computerised, but that the computerization process has been made dysfunctional with the revival of commissionerate system.

The sources claim that after the restoration of commissionerate system, all such records have now been transferred to commissioner office. This new system has further complicated the issuance of arms licenses.

He said that this change forces a citizen to go through unnecessary ‘red-tape’. The source added that the CDGK has, on several occasions, demanded for simplifying this already complicated process.

Source: The News