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Cleric refuses Fatwa against Nikah in childhood

MIANWALI: Mufti Hussain Ali of Jamia Akbria has refused to issue a Fatwa for the dissolution of two girls’ Nikahs which were solemnised in their childhood in compensation for an act of their father. Muhammad Nawaz Khan, a resident of Musakhel, had two young daughters when Fateh Khatoon of the same area eloped with him some 16 years ago. After six months, on the intervention of elders, the woman returned. Esab Khan, Nawaz’s brother, played a pivotal role in resolving the matter.

Nawaz gave his two daughters to Esab in compensation. One-year-old Samia Bibi was married to Esab’s son Samiullah, while two-and-a-half-year-old Suriya Bibi was given into marriage to Amanullah. However, on reaching puberty, the girls refused to tie the knots with their cousins as they were illiterate and had a bad character. The girls jointed a college after their matriculation. The sisters filed a case in the court of Senior Civil Judge Malik Shabbir Hussain Awan for the dissolution of their “marriages”. The judge ordered the dissolution of their “marriages” on January 1, 2006.

After finding suitable matches for his daughters, Nawaz has now fixed a date for their marriages. But the grooms’ parents have placed a condition that Nawaz should either bring a Fatwa from a religious scholar or force the girls’ “grooms’ to divorce them.
Mufti maintained that the one-sided judgment was not genuine as the court could have summoned the “grooms” for the dissolution of the marriages. Area people do not believe in the dissolution of marriage through court unless a man throws three stones while uttering the word “Talaq” on each throw. Nawaz has appealed to religious scholars to issue a Fatwa.
Source: The News