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Civil society condemns Asma Jahangir murder plot

ISLAMABAD: Human Rights activists and representatives of civil society organisations on Monday strongly condemned the recently unearthed plot to assassinate Asma Jahangir.

They express shock and horror at the revelations made public by Asma Jahangir herself at a press conference in Lahore.

Expressing solidarity with her, they demanded the government urgently set up an impartial judicial commission – with wide and extensive powers, mandate, and authority – to investigate the matter in a transparent manner, and subsequently make public its findings.

The civil society activists also demanded exemplary punishment for the conspirators.

They hugely commended Asma Jahangir’s tireless and iconic role in championing democracy, the rule of law, peace, and human rights causes, particularly in relentlessly pursuing the issues of enforced disappearances (missing persons), target killings, sectarianism, extremism, women’s rights, minorities’ rights, child labour, bonded labour, freedom of religious belief, media freedoms, independence of the judiciary and the election commission, as well as issues of transparency and accountability across the board, under both civilian rule and military dictatorships.

They believed that it was her pursuits – especially the Supreme Court case with regard to missing persons and the role of the FC in Balochistan – that became the “reason” and the “rationale” for the nefarious plot against Asma Jahangir.

They stressed to the government, the media, and the entire nation that such plots do little to enhance Pakistan’s already severely tarnished image in the international community.

The representatives also expressed their gravest concern for her safety and security, and demanded the federal and Punjab governments lay aside their differences to work together to ensure watertight protection and round-the-clock security to Asma Jahangir.

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