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Children’s film festival concludes

Karachi – The last show, titled: “The Flying Classroom” of the three-day children’s film festival was screened at the Goethe Institut Auditorium on Wednesday. The film focused on 12-year-old Jonathan who joined world’s famous boarding school in Leipzig and developed friendship with other boys within no time. They jointly find a manuscript of a play and decided to perform it though their choirmaster forbade them from doing so. However, Johnathan wrote the play together with his friend Robert who, however, disappeared later on.

The three-day children’s film festival had begun at the Goethe Institut on Monday.

Two German films – Emil and the Detectives and Punktchen & Anton – were screened on the first and second day of the festival, respectively. All the films that were screened are written by the renowned German writer, Erich Kastner. The first-day show told the story of Emil Tischbein, a 12-year-old boy who was robbed on his way to Berlin from a small Baltic town. The story takes an interesting twist upon his arrival in Berlin when the boy follows the thief and soon finds support from a gang of children led by young Pony Hutchen who arranges further help for Emil.

Punktchen and Anton, the second day show, focused on two main characters as the title suggests. Ten-year-old Anton grows up fatherless and had to take over her mother’s job when she becomes ill. Punktchen comes from a wealthy family, however, she is neglected by her parents since they did not have time for her. The film week that was organized in collaboration with the Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights was mostly attended by young students.
Source: The News