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Charsadda Christians request govt for security

ISLAMABAD: “The government should protect the lives of Christians in Charsadda and provide them security against possible attacks from extremists,” stated a letter that was signed by more than 100 Christian residents of Charsadda and was sent to President General Pervez Musharraf and the NWFP chief minister.

Christians at Charsadda had received threatening letters with an ultimatum of 10 days to either convert to Islam or face dire consequences. The deadline of the ultimatum expired on May 17. “A threatening message with another ultimatum has also been written on the wall opposite to a church in Charsadda by a Taliban group,” stated the letter.

In the letter, which was sent on Friday to higher authorities, Charsadda Christians said the threats and ultimatums were causing them to feel insecure and fearful for their lives. They said many of their fellows had fled the area in fear and were not intending on returning because of the lack of security.

The minority citizens have appealed to the provincial and federal governments to arrest and punish those responsible for the threats. All Pakistan Minorities Alliance Chairman Shahbaz Bhatti strongly condemned the threatening letters and ultimatums sent to Charsadda Christians by the Taliban and religious extremists. He said the ultimatum had expired but the authorities had not taken any security measures to protect their [Christians’] lives despite their repeated appeals.
Source: Daily Times