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Cellular blockades

By: Saher Khan

Once again, this Eid, one will find it extremely difficult to manage and organise the festive occasion due to the government’s ill-planned measures to keep the country and its citizens safe. It is likely that cellular services will be suspended throughout the country because of ‘security’ concerns. First of all, I do not understand just how this measure helps to keep us safer or free from the threat of terrorism. I do not understand why the government thinks terrorists have no other means to communicate.

If they are savvy enough to use cellular technology to coordinate terror strikes then I am sure they are well equipped to use other forms of technology to carry out their nefarious plans. The need of the day is to deploy enough security to make particularly sensitive targets safe and protected. The public should be made aware of the dangers of very large congregations and should also be educated in knowing how to identify potential threats. What good does it do to inconvenience the public by shutting down its ability to communicate?

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