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Endangered turtle spotted

Pakistan Press Foundation

An endangered green turtle was spotted at a beach near Sandspit, Manora on Monday morning. An official of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Aijaz Ahmed said the turtle which reportedly visited the beach to lay an egg, measured 41 inches in length and weighed approximately 0.066 tons. An IUCN official said beach […]

Failure on climate change

Pakistan Press Foundation

Global warming is a serious and immediate threat that the survival of humanity is facing today. Substantial scientific evidence indicates that our Earth is becoming warmer. There are observable changes such as the rise in sea-level, floods, drought, and extinction of species, which are attributable to human emission of greenhouse gases. The increasing concentration of […]

‘Climate change may hit kinnow export’

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: Although Pakistan’s kinnow exports to Indonesia surged to $23 million in 2016 as compared to $3m in 2013 in the wake of a Preferential Trade Agreement, the ongoing export season has been affected by climate change and it is most likely that this year’s target will not be achieved. The chairman of the regional […]

Towards a realistic climate action policy

Pakistan Press Foundation

Climate Change is a catastrophe that can be avoided by a combined human action and cooperation, as human civilization has been able to tackle many issues that threatened its well-being and survival in the past. What level of effort and sacrifice has to be made by individual countries and the relative proportion that is to […]

Community participation must for coping with climate change

Pakistan Press Foundation

HYDERABAD: Climate change experts, academia and students of Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam on Thursday discussed climate change and called for engaging communities to resolve and cope with the related problems. The experts discussed causes and the frequency of natural calamities, including floods, cyclones, tsunamis, drought, and heat waves. They believe the government does not […]

Windfall for Chinese on coal fired projects

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: In what appear to be heavily China-favoured deals, Pakistan has offered up to 34.5 per cent annual profit on equity invested in coal-fired energy projects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and loans have been obtained at six per cent interest rates, excluding insurance cost. The official documents revealed that by including the cost of insurance, also […]

For wild houbaras, friends flying in from Abu Dhabi

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHORE: To boost the dwindling population of wild houbara bustard in Pakistan, more than 1,000 birds bred in captivity in Abu Dhabi, UAE will be released soon in the country. The 1,050 bustards to be released are from the Pakistan-resident species bloodline and will be donated by the International Fund for Houbara Conservation. The houbara bustard […]

Winter tragedy

Pakistan Press Foundation

THE general haplessness of the citizenry is often reflected in the tragedies that continue to occur every year as a result of climatic events. Currently, with the country in the grip of a severe cold wave, the weekend saw the deaths of over a dozen people, many injuries, and other crises emanating from record levels […]

Embracing climate change

Pakistan Press Foundation

Welcome to the world in 2017: for many, scientific facts and measurements and their consequences seem remote. Some consider them complicated and boring, best left to others to worry about. Or so large-scale and terrifying that we’re paralysed, seeking solace in distraction. Perhaps progress has rendered scientific processes and complexity invisible, hidden behind a shiny […]