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Komal Rizvi’s ‘Yeh Kya Huwa’ to release this weekend

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After making its inaugural appearance last year, Cornetto Pop Rock is back with a second season. While last year’s edition featured Noori, Ali Azmat, Umair Jaswal, Zoe Viccaji, Komal Rizvi, Quratulain Balouch, Qurram Hussain and led to several music videos and collaborations plus a series of live shows, this year’s edition will feature an equally […]

‘Dangal’ the play breaks new ground in Lahore

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LAHORE: Say what you may, it cannot be denied that Pakistanis have a knack for shortcuts and innovative quick-fixes for virtually everything under the sun. Have a problematic Smartphone? Visit the neighbourhood telephone shop. Need to book a table on a busy Saturday evening? Slip the maître d a red note or two and you’re good […]

The court hasn’t issued stay order for Nigar Awards

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Last week’s announcement of nominations for the upcoming 47th Nigar Film Awards have led to serious backlash from certain quarters of the industry. Many people believe that the process (apparently people’s choice) through which the nominations have been finalized is not fair as it includes names that do not deserve any recognition. Last week’s announcement […]

Pakistan in process of launching tourism channel

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) was in the process of launching a tourism channel, which would cover only tourism matters, said PTDC Managing Director Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan. Speaking at a meeting with German Ambassador to Pakistan Ina Lepel, he called bilateral relations between Pakistan and Germany ideal, believing that cooperation in the field of […]

Nigar Awards explained

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2016 was a record breaking year for Pakistani cinema: 34 local releases hit theaters and several films recorded strong box office collections; Actor in Law raked in over 20 crores and Janaan earned over 15 crores. The 47th Nigar Awards are coming back after 12 years but the nominations have left people scratching their heads. […]

Saba Qamar clears the air on leaked video

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Saba Qamar, who is in the news for an old video footage in which she branded Bollywood star Salman Khan a “chhichhora” (indecent), says she loves the Indian film industry and finds the “Dabangg” star humble. In a two minute-plus long video from an old episode of Pakistani morning show, Saba comments on Hrithik Roshan, […]

Media ignoring regional languages

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ISLAMABAD: Weakening editorial strength in print and electronic media has adversely impacted regional languages. However, radio remains a bright light among modern media which allots at least 50 per cent of its air time to regional languages. These views were expressed by panellists at a session on the impact of media on mother languages on the […]

Tedium And Fireworks: Khaled Ahmad Presents Yahudi Ki Ladki

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Yahudi Ki Ladki is Khaled Ahmad’s homage to both Agha Hashr, the subcontinent’s answer to Shakespeare, and Parsi theatre, of which this play is a classic example. The director’s take on Agha Hashr’s melodrama and Parsi theatre tradition falls spectacularly, then rises magnificently. Karachi: When you’re buying tickets to any National Academy of Performing Arts […]

Music’s fantasy Island

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  This remains a week submerged in blood-drenched evil terror activities with the latest attack emerging at a shrine in Sehwan in Sindh. Having claimed 77 lives and injured hundreds more, it is difficult to focus on anything good. Any effort to do so may seem callous and vulgar especially after what has been described […]