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Car rally expresses solidarity with deposed judges

LAHORE – As a mark of solidarity with deposed judges, a large number of lawyers, representatives of civil society and students staged a car rally from Aitzaz Ahsan’s residence to the house of deposed judge of Supreme Court Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday in GOR-I.

Hundreds of lawyers, who are observing ‘Black Flag Week’, gathered outside Aitzaz’s Zaman Park residence on Sunday afternoon. The representatives of civil society, students and political workers also joined them.

They were holding black flags, wearing black arm bands and holding banners inscribed with slogans pertaining to restoration of November 2 judges.

Some participants were also pasting stickers carrying slogans for reinstatement of judges on cars.

Interestingly, many passersby asked the activists to paste the stickers on their clothes as well – a request readily accepted by the protesters.

The participants were also wearing black shirts inscribed with slogans ‘Restore Independent Judges.’ The members of Judicial Activism Panel (JAP), Tehrik-e-Insaf and CCP were also present in the rally in considerable number.

Caravan comprising more than 40 cars started moving towards Ramday’s house via Canal Road and Jail Road. As the rally progressed, people enjoying the holiday with their families flashed signs of victory to the participants.

As the rally reached GOR-I, no one from law enforcement side stopped them from entering into the area because Lahore High Court had declared GOR-I a ‘No-go Area’ for common people after the lawyers and representatives of civil society foiled an attempt by government to get official residence vacated from a deposed judge of LHC Justice MA Shahid Siddiqui.

Former CJ had ordered to get official residence vacated from Justice Siddiqui.

Upon reaching Rmaday’s house, the participants burst in slogans, Go Musharraf Go, Down with Musharraf, we want freedom.

The participants made their way to Ramady’s house while the policemen remained unmoved.

After a while, Justice Ramday appeared from his room and welcomed the participants by waving hands. People rushed towards him to hug and have a glimpse of their hero.

Addressing the enthusiastic gathering, Justice Ramday said the movement lawyers had launched one year ago on the same day (March 9) had constituted a golden chapter in the history books adding, the movement would soon meet its logical end.

He pointed out that the history had proved that only those nations had emerged as great nations on world map who had struggled and sacrificed for their rights and freedom.
He said people of Pakistan had stood up and made it clear to the rest of the world that they were an alive nation.
They made their decisions on their own and these decisions were correct.

He pointed out that lawyers’ movement is not for the restoration of an individual but for the survival of national institutions.

Mr Ramday who was the head of a bench that was proceeding with a case at the time of imposition of emergency on November 3 to decide Pervez Musharraf’s eligibility to contest presidential election while holding office of chief of army staff, lauded Munir A Malik, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Justice (R) Tariq Mahmood and Ch Aitzaz Ahsan.

He said Justice (r) Tariq Mahmood sacrificed the seat of Balochistan High Court judge when the person like him (Ramday) was in deep slumber.

Justice Ramday paid rich tribute to unknown lawyers and common people who, he said, gave blood to the movement.
He said he had no words to express his feelings for the lawyers, civil society and students for keeping the movement alive as in return they had to face many hardships. They were roughed up on the roads, thrown behind the bars but they stood steadfast against all odds, he added.

In the end, he prayed the God Almighty to rest the souls of innocent people, who painted the lawyers’ movement with their blood, in eternal peace.

As the participants were getting in their cars, President Supreme court Bar Association Aitzaz Ahsan appeared on the scene. The people and media persons again gathered around him and went to Ramday’s house.

The SCBA’s other representatives who were still present at Ramday’s house welcomed their president and took him inside. Mr Aitzaz had a chat with Mr Ramday and congratulated him for his likely restoration. Aitzaz stayed there for an hour. Later, the participants dispersed peacefully.
Source: The Nation