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Camera catches police favouring gang rapists

Nadeem Shah
MULTAN, March 02, 2006: While gang rape victim Robina Kausar of the Martrain village awaits justice, an investigation by The News shows her tormentors remanded into police custody by a court are free in their homes.

This correspondent filmed on a digital camera the accused – union council Nazim Muhammad Riaz Arain, his brother Allah Nawaz Arian and accomplices Luddo Dogar and Bashir Gujjar – sitting free and chatting at their homes on Feb 26 when they were supposed to be in the lock-up of Lodhran Saddar police station according to the court orders. The video displays the date and the time of the shooting.

The four allegedly gang-raped lady health worker (LHW) Robina Kausar of the Rural Health Centre of the Martrain village, a few kilometres away from Lodhran, in the small hours of Feb 22.

The Sadar police registered a case on her complaint and arrested the accused. A medical report confirmed the gang rape.

The victim stated in her FIR she was gang-raped in revenge by the accused for her refusal to perform an abortion on a woman shown as a lover of one of the accused.

According to police record, the police got their two-day physical remand from a Lodhran court on Feb 23. The police again produced them before a duty magistrate and received an extension in the physical remand till Feb 27.

Insiders in the police department have said that from DSPs to the SHOs, high-ranking officials favour accused people with high and right political connections.

The FIR says Allah Nawaz Arian along with his two accomplices, Luddo Dogar and Bashir Gujjar, broke open the door and entered the quarter of the LHW. They blindfolded the night watchwoman, Yasin, with her Dopatta and also tied up a boy, Saqlain Dastgir, living with her. The invaders started ransacking the house and snatched valuable articles, including gold ornaments, and then gang-raped her at gunpoint.
Source: The News