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Calligraphic show opens

By: Peerzada Salman

KARACHI: Calligraphy is not as easy an art form as some art critics suggest it is. The fact that it only involves certain formations of words makes it all the more challenging. One simple reason for it is that while indulging in calligraphy the artist has to keep in mind the auditory nuances that words carry. If a piece of calligraphy is able to make the viewer listen to the words it embodies, it succeeds in its endeavour. It is in this context that a three-day exhibition of calligraphic art, which opened at the Ahmed Pervaiz Gallery of the Arts Council on Tuesday, attracted the attention of art lovers.

The show has more than 40 pieces on display made by known and relatively less known artists. It is the artworks of the former group of calligraphers that makes their presence felt both in terms of style and technique. This means not only the viewer can see their paintings but hear them as well.

Aftab Zafar’s rendition of Soora-i-Fatiha in watercolours is marked by the softness of its tone. The shades of sky blue and white gel well with the concept and meaning of the words, and create a tender and supplicating effect.

Abdul Sattar Rind, as those who have seen his work would be aware of, uses darker, louder colours and comes up with a variant of Khat-i-Kufi by writing some holy words (oil on canvas). His effort immediately catches the eye but takes time for the viewer to fully appreciate it. Yes, time is of the essence. You can’t have a look at it fleetingly.

Zebun Zuby’s exhibit moves away from the repetitiveness of the show (with respect to the excessive splashes of colours) with her pen-and-ink-on-paper piece. Her interpretation of the name of God is creative and crafty. The artist has intelligently employed the greyness of pen and ink to build an image that has form but at the same time brims with spirituality.

A similar attempt is made by Adam Khan (pen and ink on paper). Some artists have experimented with poster colours (Kanwal Aftab, Mehreen Hasan, Syed Qamarul Hassan, Amna, Saleem Bhopali, Nazneen, Yasir Anwer and Waqar Afzal) and some have stuck to the tried and tested oil on canvas technique (Farid Durrani, Zohaib Rind, Shamim, Khurram Saleem, Shakeel Ismail and Jasarteen). Their artworks too are noteworthy.