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Cable TV operators seek government protection

PESHAWAR- After threats by religious fanatics owners of cable TV networks of Peshawar have formed an association and asked the government to ensure a congenial environment to their business.

Speaking at a press conference here the newly formed association’s president, Zubair Khalid, held out an assurance to religious circles that the cable TV operators would ensure telecast of quality programmes in line with the religious, social and family values of the country.

He also announced that all of the cable TV networks operating in Peshawar would, at least, provide one channel for Islamic programmes. It is worth mentioning that cable TV networks in Peshawar are facing serious opposition from a specific religious group and at one occasion the provincial capital’s administration had also banned operations of the cable TV networks in the Hayatabad township.

Later, the Peshawar High Court gave a judgement against the ban on appeals filed by the affected owners of the Cable TV networks. The Cable TV Association’s president said that a monitoring committee comprising some of the owners of cable TV networks, had also been constituted to keep a vigilant eye on the channels provided by the operators to their subscribers. He said if anyone was found involved in telecasting immoral programmes or those not in line with Islamic injunctions, would be taken to task.

He called upon the government to extend legal protection to their businesses as they had made huge investment and over a thousand families were drawing livelihood, directly or indirectly, from this newly introduced business in Peshawar.

Source: Dawn