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Burney will go to India in search of stranded girl’s family

KARACHI: The Ansar Burney Trust International is in search of a family of one deaf and mute Indian girl stranded in Pakistan since last 13 long years and waiting to go back to meet her family in India.

Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former federal Minister for Human Rights, Ansar Burney, along with pictures and video of an Indian girl Geeta alias Guddi will leave for India on 12th of Oct in search of a missing family to reunite Geeta with her family as soon as possible, say a press release.

Burney said that Geeta now becomes 21 years old was found by Lahore Police 13 years ago, sitting alone at Railway Station at boarder, in Lahore while in search of her family.

“Geeta alias Guddi is still thinking and waiting desperately a day when she would be able to go home to see her family,” Burney added. “The Ansar Burney Trust International is now in search of her family and would appreciate Indian government’s assistance in this regard to find her family in India,” he said.

Deaf and mute Geeta can only write little bit of Hindi language. A pale complexion Geeta has seven brothers and three sisters and her home is next to some river in India, set in fields with the house behind a hotel and a hospital.

Burney said that this appeal was made in the greater interest of humanity to seek peoples and government’s kind assistance and co-operation in the matter to find a family of Geeta in India to reunite the missing girl with her family after 13 long years.

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