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Burney says his name used for fraudulent fund-raising

Well-known human rights campaigner Ansar Burney has termed as regrettable the unauthorised use of his profile by a Pakistani “community awards” company in London.

Burney, who is visiting Pakistani areas affected by riots recently, told The News that he was shocked when he found that his picture, name and words had been used endorsing community awards, soon to be held in London.“I received calls from many people who have approached me to know if I endorsed these awards.

“I want to set the record straight that I have not given permission to anyone to use my name to collect donations, sell tables and raise money for personal gains. I am shocked and want every member of Pakistani community to know that I have nothing to do with the awards.

“I am aware that my name has been used on the publicity brochures by an individual who was told in writing by my office that my name should not be used. I refused to endorse awards after an approach was made by the said individual.”

Burney appealed to members of the Pakistani community to refrain from giving money to anyone who approaches them for the sale of tables or awards.

“I don’t endorse any business ventures. I work for human rights of people and have never done so for reward or for material gains. My support is only for the causes which are humanitarian and carry merit. It has become common for elements within Pakistani community to use the names of powerful and rich people to raise funds. This is highly unfortunate.”

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