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Book on Nusratji’s artworks launched

By: Anil Datta

Karachi: We are living in an age of anger not only here in Pakistan but the world over. This anger is reflected in modern art, in pop music, in literature. It is therefore all the more imperative to have artists like Nusratji who through the sublimity in their works, through the refinement, help mitigate this anger and turn it into social harmony.

These observations were made by Ms Duriya Kazi, Head of the Department of Visual Studies, Karachi University. She was speaking at the launch of the book, “Defining moments: Nusratji’s art odyssey” by noted journalist Mohsin Jaffri, at the Defence Central Library auditorium Thursday evening.

She lauded Nusratji as one of the greatest artists of her time and spoke of the sheer power of her works.

Dr Muhammad Ali Bhatti, from the faculty of art at the University of Sindh, Hyderabad, narrated his long association with both Mohsin Jaffri and Nusratji and lauded the latter’s artistic skills. He described her talent as one of crisp, vibrant colours. He said that her works displayed her love for the indigenous culture. “She’s a committed painter”, Bhatti said in his tribute to Nusratji. Classifying her as an impressionist artist, he said that she magnified the personality of her subject.

He also lauded Mohsin Jaffri’s contribution to art and literature in Pakistan. Noted artist Qudsia Nisar praised the documentation of Nusratji’s powerful works. Her works made the walls of a house aesthetically strong, she said.

In her tribute to Nusratji, noted social activist and member of civil society, Neelofar Farrukh said, “Stylistically, she has a very powerful way of putting forth a theme. She has a great degree of spontaneity with the pencil”.

She also spoke of Aftab Zafar, Head of the Pakistan Art Institute, publishers of the book, as a highly accomplished and connoisseur of art in the country.

She rated Mohsin Jaffri as an accomplished critic and lauded his commitment and contribution to the projection of culture. The place for culture, she said, was shrinking in the present-day world and hence deserved all the more credit for attempting to preserve and keep alive a very vital aspect of the life of a society.

“This book can play an important role in ‘debrutalising’ society as art propels one towards the finer things of life”, she said.

Publisher of the book, Aftab Zafar, said, “Whatever I do, I do for a cause. I try my level best that my peers should get the standing they deserve”. He lauded the painting skills of Nusratji, especially her impressionistic technique.

Journalist Mohsin Jaffri thanked Nusratji for her cooperation in writing the book. Writing about an artist, he said, was very difficult because of the special relation of the artist to his or her art. He spoke of the intensive research that had gone into writing the book and consultation with other noted artists of the country like Riffat Alvi.

At the end, Nusratji thanked all the speakers for their profuse tributes with special thanks to Mohsin Jaffri, Aftab Zafar, and others.

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