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Blocking websites


I AM shocked to the limits by the unprecedented aloofness of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. Is it in their knowledge that how many useful websites stand blocked on the PTCL broadband network? A small reference could be Google translation.

I would like to ask when our society would stop being so self-righteous. We need to realise that a good society is not created by neck-breaking rules, but highly cultured individuals and justice.

It means that responsibility must be placed in the hands of individuals and only transgressions affecting other members of society are to be controlled. This clearly indicates that for a discreet medium like the Internet, there must not be censorship.

It can never be understated that a healthy society is the one where breathing space and justice prevails. Unnecessary or unhealthy censorships are only creating perverts or in other words a society where no woman even in modest clothes can pass without being tormented by obsessive eyes.

I wish to believe that there is more out there agreeing to these observations.