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Bilquees Edhi participates in Pehchan Ramazan with kids

KARACHI: The public interest in direct, special transmission of Geo TV, Pehchan Ramazan, is gradually increasing with the passage of time with the main reason being the interesting and unique style of internationally renowned broadcaster Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

Maintaining the uniqueness of the Sheher-e-Ramazan, the popular host is contrary to the general trend inviting such guests who are not getting attention despite being an important segment of the society.

In this connection, besides hundreds of guests on the fifth day of his historic transmission, he particularly invited innocent children growing up at Edhi Centre who are put by some sinners in the Edhi cradles, installed in different areas of the city, to conceal their sin and are later shifted to ‘Apna Ghar’ of Edhi Centre.

Prominent social worker Bilquees Edhi, who is deputed for bringing up these children, especially participated in the programme along with the children and informed the viewers about problems of these children.

During the conversation, Dr Aamir Liaquat appealed to these people involved in crimes to put the babies in Edhi cradles, instead of killing them to conceal their sin, because Islam declares the murder of a human being murder of the whole humanity. A 22-year-old deaf and dumb girl, who has been living away from her family for 13 years, was also among the children.

Talking to Dr Aamir Liaquat, Bilquees Edhi said the girl namely Geeta belongs to India and was arrested at Wahga border 13 years ago. She is living at the Edhi Centre since then and is anxious to meet her parents. She said the objective of bringing the girl in this programme was to attract attention of the authorities concerned towards her.

Praising the humanitarian sentiments of Bilquees Edhi, Dr Aamir Liaquat appealed to the Aman Ki Asha, diplomatic quarters of the two countries and authorities concerned to immediately send this girl to India under the sentiments of humanitarian sympathy and efforts should be made to rejoin her with her family.

During the conversation, Bilquees Edhi said that she has brought up these children like a mother. She said she adopted about 20,000 such children during the past few years and 4,000 among them were those who were killed by some ferocious people to conceal their sin and animals had fed on the body parts of some babies at garbage dumps. She said that besides the religious and worldly education, these children are also imparted skill training so that they could stand on their own feet after growing and could play their role like a responsible member of the society.

To a question about the girls staying at Darul Amaan of the Edhi Centre, Bilquees Edhi said that she has safely shifted about 100,000 girls to their homes from Darul Amaan and 200 of them are leading a respectable life after getting married.

After the popularity of ‘Qurani Loh’ programme of the most popular Ramazan transmission of Geo, its duration has been increased. Now prizes are not awarded at once rather these are given with intervals and the audience and viewers won prizes worth hundreds of thousand rupees for the fifth consecutive day.

Philanthropists are also actively participating in the good work of Dr Aamir Liaquat with the sentiments of humanitarian service in ‘Rah-e-Neki’. In this connection, a man donated an auto-rickshaw to an unemployed man during the transmission, which was applauded by the audience.

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