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Benazir’s book to be launched

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will launch the last book “Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West” authored by the Party’s martyred Chairperson Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

The book launching ceremony would be held in Islamabad at a local hotel at 5:00 pm today (Tuesday). PPP Central Information Secretary Sherry Rehman is organizing the launch of Ms Bhutto’s book, which is being published by Harper Collins and is being distributed by the Liberty Books in Pakistan.

The book is considered to be the most informed insight into the issue of terrorism as it comes from a woman who led the government twice in Pakistan.

and headed the biggest and the most important political party of Pakistan, the moderate-leaning Pakistan Peoples Party.

Noted journalists and analysts who had the opportunity to observe Ms Bhutto’s government from close quarters will address participants of the ceremony. Speakers include renowned journalist Ahmad Rashid who is also the author of famous books ‘Taliban’ and ‘Jihad’, senior journalist and author ‘Frontline Pakistan’ Zahid Hussain, and former foreign secretary and ambassador to Iran Tanvir Ahmed Khan.

Sherry Rehman too will share her thoughts on the book with the audience. Linking the book launch with the forthcoming elections, Rehman says that as the public go to polls next week, ‘Reconciliation…’ stands as reminder that terrorism is a staunch everyday reality in the life of an average Pakistani and it can only be countered by moderate political forces. “Reconciliation…” should not only be seen as a book penned by Mohtarma, it is a thought and an agenda that comes from the heart of a Pakistani who wants an end to the madness that threatens the very stability of the country.

“Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto speaks for 160 million Pakistanis who stand for a progressive, peaceful, terror-free Pakistan.” Rehman informed that the book is being hailed by independent reviewers as the most important document for understanding Pakistan. “Coming from source as authoritative as Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, the book not only gives an insight into the factors that fuel terrorism, it also presents strong arguments to dispel the famous impression that Islam and democracy are incompatible.”

Rehman pledged that her Party would follow in the footsteps of the slain leader and work towards ridding the country from the menace of terrorism. “Mohtarma was very clear in her stand regarding terrorism. She saw it as a completely unacceptable option even if it were used as means to pursue the country’s so-called strategic interest. She stood as the only force between the people of Pakistan and the elements supporting any form of terrorism.

She said that in her loss, the nation lost a hope and a promise for a better tomorrow. “The PPP will do all it can to fulfil our leader’s commitment to the people of Pakistan to lead the nation on the path of progress.”

The book contains Ms Bhutto’s own account of her final months in Pakistan, her brush with death as she braved an attack on her life at the October 18 homecoming rally, and her bold ideas on how to counter the menace of terrorism that today stands as the gravest threat faced by the Pakistani nation.

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto also argues that the West’s support for certain groups, including dictators, in a bid to stem terrorism, actually fuels the menace since these groups tend to serve short-term interests only.

Ms Bhutto’s scholarly credentials, her vast experience and exposure of both the Western and the Eastern world and her standing as an authority on issues related to Pakistan add volumes to the credibility of this book that most unfortunately turned out to be her last book.
Source: The Nation