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bCODEâ„¢ Announces Mobile Ticketing Technology in Melbourne

bCODEâ„¢ Announces Mobile Ticketing Technology in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, March 10/MediaNet International-AsiaNet/ —

bCODEâ„¢, the universal provider of mobile ticketing solutions, today announced that it will showcase Mobile Ticketing technology to a group of customers at the Telstra Technology Showcase during the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

bCODE provides the world’s most compatible solution for mobile ticketing. Unlike 2D barcode and RFID-based mobile ticketing technologies that require a phone specific chipset or graphics, the bCODE solution is based on standard SMS text messaging and is supported by 99% of all mobile phones in the market including, PDAs, RIM Blackberry, Palm Treo and other devices like the Apple iPOD. bCODE’s Mobile Ticketing solution enables customers to have a paperless ticket delivered directly to their mobile device, providing instant delivery and removing the hassles of physical pick-up and queuing. To enter an event, the bCODE Mobile Ticket, which is a series of characters that looks like “=MXPLS=MP97C=” is electronically read from the screen of the mobile device and checked for authenticity, providing complete security. bCODE is showcasing the paperless and secure entry provided by the bCODEâ„¢ Mobile Ticketing solution at the event with Telstra.

Telstra General Manager of Wireless Business Development, Mr Moses Samaha, said, mobile ticketing could open up an opportunity to enrich our mobile content offerings, also providing some learning in the mobile payments arena.

“Telstra is constantly exploring new opportunities and is happy to have bCODE showcase its mobile solutions to its customers.” Mobile Tickets can be acquired in the same way that a paper ticket can be purchased. However, in addition to the convenience of wireless delivery, mobile tickets offer users the additional benefit of removing the vulnerability of paper tickets, specifically loss. Beyond ticketing, the bCODEâ„¢ solution can be used by diverse number of industries replacing the dependency on paper tickets including airlines for issuing tickets and secure check-in; retail for loyalty cards and delivery and redemption of vouchers; hospitality for room bookings, secure room key access, and delivery and redemption of targeted offers. The possibilities are endless.

“We are very excited to be working with Telstra. We also have a number of installations in progress and look forward to rolling out this convenient service to Australian consumers in the coming months,” said Michael Mak, Chief Executive Officer of bCODE.

Media Kit :
For a photo library of the actual bCODE Reader and actual bCODE Tickets on mobile phones, please visit our website at www.bcode.com/media

PR Contact: Paul Christy,
Marketing Director, bCODE.
+61 2 9954 4411

About bCODE
bCODEâ„¢ is a leading provider of Mobile Ticketing solutions. Its technology platform serves more than 70 industry customers across Aviation, Banking, Ticketing, Call-Centres, Retail & Government, including Jetstar Airways, St George Bank, Suncorp Metway, Village Roadshow, Procter & Gamble, Australia Post, Sensis, TABCorp, SAP & UTI Bank. Its highly scalable transaction platform
has delivered more than 300 million messages globally. bCODEâ„¢ Mobile Ticketing service and scanning technology are international patent-pending. bCODEâ„¢ is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. For more information, visit www.bcode.com.
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