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BBC inquiry versus Lockerbie evidence

THIS is with reference to ‘BBC inquiry casts doubt on Lockerbie evidence’ (Jan 7). It is interesting to learn that a BBC inquiry has now cast doubt on blowing up of a US jet over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988.

It was believed at that time that a bomb was hidden in a suitcase with various items of clothing. The bomb was triggered by a digital timer which was found embedded in a piece of clothing. A fragment of the timer was never tested.

It has now been emphatically stated by John Wyatt, UN’s explosives consultant, that by experimenting 20 times on suitcases, he found that the suitcase, the timer and the circuit board should have been completely destroyed.

It is also reported in this news circulated by AFP that in 1995 a British lawmaker had suggested that the bomb could have been planted by the CIA.

A Scottish Commission concluded in 2007 that a miscarriage of justice might have occurred in this case in which a Libyan national – Abdul Basit Ali Muhammad Al Magrahi – was incriminated.

It should be noted that Mr Magrahi always pleaded his innocence. The incident put a lot of pressure on Libya and subjected that country to many foul pressures and heavy demands for compensation.

We now know that the Americans knew in advance about Japan’s intentions to attack Pearl Harbour in 1941 but an incident like that was allowed to occur so that public opinion could be moulded to enter World War II.

The incident of firing at American ships at Gulf of Tonkin was created to let US troops penetrate Vietnam. What interests me most: was 9/11 also a ploy to plan invasion of Afghanistan?

Even if Al Qaeda operatives were linked, they could not have achieved their objective without the local support by a highly-organised intelligence service.

Whether it was from Tel Aviv or from Washington is a question the answer to which will be known one day.

With a powerful media backing you, you can let the people believe any pack of lies – at least for some time.

Recently the BBC said that Tony Blair before invasion of Iraq had lied that Saddam Hussain had missiles which could target British bases in Cyprus within 14 minutes.

It is now demanded by a significant population of British citizens that Mr Blair should be tried for war crimes (Jan 18).

One great quality of truth is that it always surfaces. And one great blessing of our times is that war criminals whether they belong to Serbia or South Africa are bound to be tried and punished.

Source: Dawn