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Banning a website


IS banning a website the solution to the problem? In a move against the blasphemous movie clip, the YouTube has been banned in Pakistan. I do not consider this step effective. Blocking a website, which is a platform for showing the world the reality, is not the right move to combat such a satanic act

As a Muslim, as well as a citizen of the world, I condemn this blasphemous movie because it has injured the feelings of Muslims around the globe. Making such an evil movie on such a sensitive matter can harm the global peace and cannot and must not be justified on the ground of ‘freedom of speech’.

I consider that having an access to see it is our right in order ‘to have an access to information’.

However, I understand that in view of the violent reaction to the incident it is quite necessary for governments to control violence by blocking access to the content of the film. I recommend Muslims to behave and condemn on rational grounds without victimising the innocent people who don’t have any role in such hatred – provoking act.

A vehement protest against this movie and ignoring the religious and human standards further damage our image in the world. We have to have courage and tolerance to deal with such catastrophes and blow to our religion.

Closing YouTube


THE government deserves praise for its timely action to appease the infuriated masses of Pakistan. It was a very correct decision to ban the YouTube in Pakistan. On the direction of the prime minister the ministry of information technology issued instructions to the PTA to close all the links containing blasphemous material.

The PTA established a complaint cell for public in which the public was encouraged to report any anti-Islamic link and website to the PTA for its timely closure. This proactive approach on the part of government is praiseworthy but this is no permanent solution to the problem. The need of the hour is that the government should try to resolve this issue on a permanent basis. The government should ask Google, Facebook, YouTube and all Internet service providers to follow a regular code of conduct.

The government should also enter into a permanent accord with these Internet Service Providers. They all should be made legally bound to refrain from publicising any blasphemous material in future. This sort of engagement can prove to be a panacea for occurrence of any future mishap in our country.

Why a holiday?


THE federal cabinet declared Sept 21 as a national holiday, designating the day as ‘Love for Prophet Day’ and appealed traders not to open their businesses to register protest against the blasphemous movie.

To pay tribute to our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), it would have been prudent had the federal cabinet abstained from announcing Sept 21 as a public holiday and saved the poor country from a great financial loss.

Instead, the federal cabinet should have advised the nation to work for longer time on Sept 21 to make the country strong. It should have ordered public servants not to accept any bribe and warned criminals and wrongdoers against killing anyone or destroying any property.

The cabinet should have appealed to the people maintain unity in their ranks to make Pakistan a safe place to live in, keeping away from acts which may bring disgrace. It should have urged the people to strictly follow the teachings of our Holy Prophet of handling all matters intelligently with a cool head.

Muslims all over the world respect all the prophets sent by God as much as they respect Holy Prophet Muhammad. Our leaders should make serious efforts to get strict laws made for blasphemy by the leaders of non-Muslim countries so that those who commit this offence could be severely punished.

When a very small community of Jews can get laws made against debating Holocaust, then why a very large number of Muslims cannot get the laws made against blasphemy?