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Bangladeshi hackers hack PA website

* Pakistani hackers regain control of Punjab Assembly’s website within 30 minutes
* Profane image posted on hacked web page

By Kashif Hussain

LAHORE: A cyber brawl started between Pakistani and Bangladeshi hackers on Sunday when the latter hacked the official website of Punjab Assembly (PA) ( but Pakistani hackers regained control of the website and restored it within half an hour.

Bangladeshi hackers, calling themselves “Cr4ck-Br4iN, RoTating RoTor and Ablaze EVER”, used unknown IP addresses and hacked the Punjab Assembly’s official website on Sunday morning.

They also posted a profane image of a hand gesture on the web page after taking administrative control of the URL. They also showed their aggression in a message against Pakistani hacker, namely “Shadow008”, and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for its “failure” to control local hackers.

The message of Bangladeshi hackers read, “This Is PayBak To Shadow008 For Hacking Our Bangladeshi Sites!… Dear Site Admin, One pakistani so-called hacker, Shadow008 is responsible for this defacement. He hacked some Bangladeshi Websites. That why we did this. If u want to avoid further attack on ur website, file a complain against the terrorist hacker Shadow008 in FIA. Otherwise we wont stop.”

The message further read, “It was proved earlier that FIA was unable to arrest this cyber criminal. This criminal was responsible for the defacement of Pressurize your law enforcement agency to make this criminal busted and let us live in peace and also let us leave u in peace”.

The Bangladeshi hackers also mentioned two website domain addresses in the message to get cyber terrorist controls through investigations. Soon after the cyber attack, Pakistani hackers also came into action and succeeded to take back control of the website and restored it within the next half an hour. They also left a l message for the assembly website’s administrator that they could be followed on Facebook.

Talking to Daily Times, hacking experts said that there are several groups of hackers in Pakistan who have “more skills than hackers of any other country… to secure local interests”.

“And they are mostly allies of Chinese hacking groups and have proved their abilities in cyber war between China and the US and China and Japan in last two decades.”

About tracing hackers, they said that due to rotating routers, “identifying someone is a difficult task as within a minute the IP address of a user changes… so no one could reach to their originality”.

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