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Ban on Salman Khan’s movie denied

By: Farzana Ali Khan

Islamabad: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has clarified the rumours about the ban on the famous Indian actor Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

Talking to The News, the Pemra spokesman, who requested anonymity, said that it has not imposed any ban on the film, but has only directed the broadcasters and distribution networks to relay it after clearance/NOC from the Central Board of Film Censors, Pakistan.

He said that some reputed Indian newspapers had published the news about ban on the movie in Pakistan but they sent them an email and clarified the pattern of the letter issued by the body in the above-mentioned manner.

The speculation about the possibility of ban on Salman Khan’s keenly awaited movie has created discomfort among his fans throughout Pakistan soon after the news appeared on different social networks.

Referring to the second para of the letter the spokesman said that the memo issued did not aim at banning the movie before it is cleared by the CBFE. “As per my knowledge, we have not issued any letter to any cable operator regarding this movie. We issue letters to cable operators through broader instructions. It is in our law that no drama/cartoon movies can be aired against the sovereignty of the country, the Pak Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence,” he said.

He further said that they have no idea about the movie having any copyright by anyone in the country. “Having a copyright permission is most essential for telecasting any film or programme that apparently focuses on anti-state elements,” he stressed.

“It is not only our duty but the duty of every citizen of Pakistan to discourage propagating anti-state activities displayed through media,” he said.

The Pemra spokesman said that the Indian as well as the Pakistani media should avoid sensitisation of any news or issue before confirmation from the concerned authorities.

The spokesman said that it was also quite surprising for them to know that the Indian newspapers have got a copy of the letter while most members of the body were still ignorant of that.

“I wonder how the Indian media got the copy as Pakistan has never received any such internal document about any programme or film from the neighbouring country,” he said adding it is a very dangerous trend.

Besides, Kabir Khan, director of the film, has also assured the people of Pakistan on Twitter that ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is NOT anti-Pakistan. “This is the price we have to pay because unfortunately our industry has made insensitive and jingoistic films in the past. I am absolutely sure that once the censor board of Pakistan sees the movie it will be more than happy to show the film in Pakistan. I can assure the million of fans of Salman Khan in Pakistan that ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ will release in the theatres in their country,” he said.

“Though I’m still a newcomer in the industry still I can see the vast filmography of Yash Chopra and Salman Khan and you will realise what I am saying,” he said adding confidently that ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ has no jingoism, no rhetoric. And it is NOT AN ANTI-PAKISTAN FILM!

“In the recent situation it is sheer stupidity to make films that are insensitive or derogatory to any country or community,” Kabir Khan added.

It merit mentions that due to the release of the very first trailer of ‘EK Tha Tiger’ it had been assumed that the movie would be against Pakistan, as it mentioned the activities of the agents of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan and the Indian Research And Analysis Wing (RAW), particularly the negative reference to the ISI.

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