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Ban on live coverage impedes citizens’ right to information: PBA

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KARACHI: On Monday, the KP Home Department issued a letter on the request of the KP Apex Committee, asking the federal government to ban all live coverage of terrorist incidents.The Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) says it realises the nation is going through a very challenging time and the entire country has to come together including the 4th Estate.

“The PBA now and in the past also has accepted that any coverage live or otherwise that aids terrorists with location, timing, troops movement etc. must be avoided at all cost. It is also accepted that coverage that glorifies terrorists must be avoided at all times,” the PBA said in a statement.

“Any such violations should be penalised. However, independent media’s responsibility is also to its viewers and the public at large who can benefit from information of such incidents,” it said.

The PBA said live reporting not only helps in saving lives and preventing injuries, it helps in bringing the nation together. “In many ways, the APS coverage helped create a unified national response. Coverage of such events is not banned in any progressive country. Any such ban impedes the citizen’s right to information and PBA cannot support any such ban,” it said.

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