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Balochistan issue: unanimous National Assembly resolution condemns US meddling

Islamabad: The National Assembly on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution to condemn the discussion by the US Congressional Foreign Affairs Sub-committee on Balochistan issue, terming it interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs, which was totally unacceptable.

The opposition leader Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan who moved the resolution said that discussion about the province of Pakistan in Congressional sub-committee was in violation of International Law and sovereignty and independence of Pakistan.

Chief whip of ruling party Syed Khurshid Shah endorsed the view of opposition leader and stated that the Parliament should be united if any country discusses Pakistan’s internal affairs and adopt a resolution to condemn it.

Subsequently, the resolution was passed unanimously stating, “This House strongly condemns the blatant interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs by the US Congressional Foreign Relations Sub-Committee hearing on Balochistan on February 8, 2012.

“This House notes with great concern that at a time when Pakistan – US relations are already under severe stress, the holding of such a hearing by the US Congress cannot but jeopardize the healing process and further inflame public opinion against the US by adding to the prevailing sense of mistrust and suspicion regarding US intentions towards Pakistan.

“This House calls upon the Government of Pakistan to convey to the US Administration, in no uncertain terms, that; (i) such hearings relating to internal affairs of Pakistan are totally unacceptable and the US Administration needs to play a more proactive role to discourage such ill-informed and motivated debate on sensitive issues of a sovereign country like Pakistan; (ii) To rebuild mutual trust and confidence, the US Administration should respect and comply with the will of the people of Pakistan as expressed through various Parliamentary Resolutions and discontinue drone attacks forthwith.

Earlier, speaking on a point of order on the issue, opposition leaders criticized the government for not taking notice of such important issue and vehemently stated that Pakistan would not allow any country to interfere in its internal affairs.

They also sought an explanation from the government as to who was responsible of the situation in the Balochistan after the statement of Chief of Army General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani that army had no role in the provincial affairs and also by the Inspector General (IG) Frontier Constabulary (FC) that no missing person was in their custody.

Nisar deplored that the government was not paying any heed to the concerns of the parliamentarians whether about Balochistan or about the legislation of Defense Housing Authority whereas the military leadership was at least listening to their concerns.

He said that the example of this was that the army completely reviewed the DHA Bill in the light of his concern expressed in the National Assembly.

Treasury members from Balochistan Humayun Aziz Kurd, and Chengez Khan Jamali from Balochistan and Mir Dost Muhammad Mazari urged their government to take note of the deteriorating situation in Balochistan before it is too late as the situation was heading like that of 1972, which led to disintegration of East Pakistan.

They said that the FC top brass headed by the Pakistan Army was in control of all security related affairs in Balochistan and passage of such resolution would not resolve the problem.

They said that unless the gross roots level problems in the province are not solved the problems would not be resolved.

Humayun Aziz Kurd wanted that a committee of the National Assembly should be constituted to visit the province and he would take them to each family whose member has either been killed or disappeared.

Source: Business Recorder