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Balanced approach by politicians, media suggested

Karachi: Political and diplomatic observers have suggested a more balanced and cautious approach by the political leaders and media regarding the comments and coverage of the diplomatic events, especially the ones like the recently held Agra Summit.

According to the observers, premature and irresponsible statements ruin what the statesmen and diplomats struggle for, by using the overt, covert, expressed and implied methods, normally not fully understood by the people attached with politics, media and other fields.

After the press conferences of the foreign ministers of Pakistan and India in which both termed the summit a big step towards resolution of problems and fruitful in many aspects. The News interviewed two former ambassadors, an ex-federal minister and a prominent columnist. Owing to sensitivity of the issue, they requested for anonymity.

All of them disagreed with the way the important events like the summit are ‘dealt’ with by media and political and religious groups, which are otherwise considered as opinion-makers for the general public. “In a highly sensitive atmosphere of talks between the two countries, where even the minor gestures count a lot, let alone actions and words, the statesmen and diplomats should be given a free hand up to the suitable extent, so that they might be able to carry on their work freely by using all the available diplomatic ways and techniques,” said a former ambassador who had also been posted in India during his service. “Irresponsible statements by certain quarters before, during and after the talks, when publish in press along with irresponsible comments and headlines, cause harm to diplomacy which at times is irreparable.”
Source: The News