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Artists’ Association of Punjab brings 27th annual exhibition

* Governor says protecting culture, traditions is responsibility of state

LAHORE: The 27th annual exhibition of paintings, sculpture and graphic arts by the Artists’ Association of Punjab kicked off at Alhamra Art Gallery on Tuesday.

Punjab Governor Makhdoom Syed Ahmad Mahmood inaugurated the exhibition. He admired the artwork displayed on the occasion. Talking about the heritage and rich culture of the country, the governor said that it was the duty of the state to save Pakistan’s traditions so that the coming generations could be well aware of the rich Pakistani culture. Almost 200 paintings by 133 artists were put on display on the occasion.

Renowned Artist Mian Ijazul Hassan said that his paintings were all about one’s inner expression. He said that he had always tried to paint hope and liveliness in his artwork. “I am a people’s painter who does not paint their sad feelings, as it will make them feel more depressed or sad. In fact, I always paint one’s real life,” Ijaz said.

He said that he had mostly painted political statements and the impact of politics on an ordinary man.

Maliha Azami Aga’s artwork was made in red, blue and white colours, using the medium acrylic on board. Talking about her portrait displayed at the exhibition, she said that through this painting, she had tried to convey some hidden messages, which would vary from person to person.

“I had tried to show what I am and the way I look in this world, in this society, especially the feelings I have at that time,” Maliha added.

Another artist, Ghulam Mustafa, said that the theme of his paintings was ‘Light and Shade’. He has portrayed renowned historical area of Lahore, like Old Anarkali near Jian Mandir. He said that by making that specific painting, he had tried to conserve the “history of that place, the culture of local people living there, so that the coming generations could see it as these places are been demolished day by day”.

He said he had used oil on board for his artworks. Mehboob Ali said that the theme of his painting was ‘Light’. He said that he painted a famous and historical building of the Walled City, the one in which Allama Iqbal once stayed. The concept behind making that painting was to show a short passage in the narrow streets of the Walled City. Mehboob said that the medium of his work was oil on board, and the colours used were green, white, yellow and red.

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