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Art that is simple yet profound

Karachi: “My art is very urban. I reflect what I see. I love interacting with people. Whatever I do is Pakistan”. So began a lecture on art by the Karachi-based freelance artist, Moeen Faruqi, at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) Wednesday afternoon.

With the aid of slides of his paintings, Faruqi explained his works and their salient features.

The slide show began with the painting of a middle aged man and woman attired in a very sober, eastern style, the woman clad in a Sari and supporting a hair style with the hair tied into a bun (Joora), the man in Sherwani. Faruqi said that since he belonged to the post-Partition generation, he was trying to conjure up the mores and fashions of the preceding generation and how Pakistani culture had metamorphosed over the generations.

From the pre-Partition cultural scenario. Another very prominent feature of the ten odd paintings he projected on the screen was that almost in every work there was a bird or an animal like a fish. This Faruqi said was his affinity for nature. Some of his works depict the 1990s and some the pre-Partition era.

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