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APNS slams Sindh govt victimisation tactics

KARACHI: The APNS strongly condemns the Sindh Government for use of advertisements as a lever and arm-twisting by complete denial of advertisements to victimise the Kawish Group of publications on its independent editorial policies, stated a press release of the APNS.

Sarmad Ali, Secretary General, APNS announced the decisions of the Executive Committee of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society held at Karachi on October 1, 2011 chaired by its President Hameed Haroon.

The members of the Executive Committee across the country noted with concern that the Government of Sindh has stopped the provincial government advertisements to the Daily Kawish in an attempt to browbeat the publication and force it to obey the dictates of the provincial government and desist from performing its duties to inform the people on the conduct and malpractices of the ministers and officials of the Sindh Government. The Executive Committee reiterated that its member publications will continue to serve the People’s Right to Know and perform their duties as watch-dog of the interests of the general public.

The Executive Committee called upon the Government of Sindh to refrain from such arm-twisting tactics and desist from the policy of “kill the messenger” as these would be counterproductive for the democratic dispensation in the country. The members urged upon the chief minister Sindh to immediately withdraw the ban on the ads for the Daily Kawish. The committee authorised the president and the secretary general to take further action if the advertising to Kawish were not restored.

The members considered the letter of the Daily Business Report wherein it has been maintained that the provincial government advertisements are not being issued to genuine publications in Faisalabad. He had maintained that the publication was released only 60cm advertisement in the last month whereas the dummy publications were getting enormous quantum of advertisements. The Executive Committee in a special resolution, urged upon the Secretary Information and the DGPR, Government of Punjab to provide the the government advertisements to genuine and long-standing regional publications of Faisalabad, Bahawalpur and other regional centers and refrain from releasing advertisements to the dummy publications which amounts to wastage of public exchequer.

The Executive Committee was briefed by member publications that on the request of the APNS, the Press Information Department has initiated giving priority in releases of government advertisements to APNS publications which is being resented by the vested interest. The APNS Executive Committee appreciated the efforts of the PIO, Mr Muhammad Saleem Khan and requested the Minister for Information to foil the conspiracies being hatched against the official, who is working to strengthen the APNS-Government relations.

The Secretary General briefed the members of the Executive Committee on the progress in the construction of APNS House building. The members expressed their appreciation and advised that the pace of work be expedited so that the APNS Headquarters are completed at the earliest. The members decided to visit the site after the meeting.

The Executive Committee was briefed on the appeal being heard n the Supreme Court against the decision of the Sindh High Court on APNS petitions relating to Newspaper Employees (Condition of Services) Act 1973, 7th Wage Board and Conduct of ITNE.

The Executive Committee noted despite various assurances and commitments, the Government of Pakistan has not yet issued the notifications relating to enhancement of the government advertisement rates and withdrawal of six percent minimum tax on newspaper establishments. The Committee also noted that the Government of Pakistan has also not released the payment of Rs25 million towards the grant for APNS House as promised by the Prime Minister.

The Executive Committee decided the recommendations of the Periodical Committee to hold a Periodical Convention in Karachi. The members considered the report of the Sindh Committee and approved holding of a Convention of Sindh based publications to highlight the problems faced by member publications.

The Executive Committee decided to grant associate membership to Daily Nawae Hazara, Abbottabad, Daily Shamal, Karachi, Daily Millan, Karachi, Daily Yadgar, Sukkar, Daily Graff, Khairpur, Daily Eeman, Karachi, Daily City News, Karachi, Daily Fast Times, Larkana, Daily NewsLark, Karachi, Monthly Dasterkhuan, Karachi, Daily Appeal, Karachi, Daily The Regional Times of Sindh, Karachi, Daily Nijat, Sukkur, Monthly Health & Pharma, Islamabad, Fortnightly Roo Baroo, Islamabad, Daily Reformer, Quetta, Daily Himmat, Quetta, Daily Sada-e-Olas, Quetta, Daily Qudrat, Quetta, Daily Sahafat, Quetta, Daily Asr-e-Nau, Mastung and Daily Ahem Khabar, Quetta.

The Executive Committee also decided to grant provisional accreditation to M/s 4 Square Communications (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore, M/s Brainchild Communications Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi, M/s Design Matters, Karachi, M/s Shazia Abbasi Consulting (SMC-Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad and M/s Connect Marketing Communications (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi.

The Executive Committee further decided to grant associate ship to M/s Bilal Associates, Karachi and approved the applications to restructuring of M/s Bond Advertising (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi M/s Midas Communications (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad and M/s Difference (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad. The Executive Committee also confirmed the accreditation M/s Modem4 (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore and M/s Mediators (PVt) Ltd. Karachi.

The meeting was attended by the following: Hameed Haroon, President, Mehtab Khan, Senior Vice President, Sarmad Ali, Secretary General, Rameeza Majid Nizami, Joint Secretary, Syed Muhammad Munir Gilani, Finance Secretary, Mumtaz A. Tahir (D/Aftab), Anwar Farooqui (D/Aghaz), Waseem Ahmed (D/Awam, Quetta), Ghulam Akbar (D/Al Akhbar), Arshad A Zuberi (D/Business Recorder), Syed Faseih Iqbal (D/Balocistan Times), Najamuddin Sheikh (D/Deyanat), Owais Aslam Ali (M/Economic Outlook), Kazi Asad Abid D/Ibrat), Mukhtar Aqil (D/Jurat, Khi), Syed Sajjad Hussan Shah (D/Kainat), Javed Mehr Shamsi (D/Kaleem), Muhammad Aslam Kazi (D/Kawish), Rizwan Saeed Syed (D/Khabrain), Ayaz Badshah (D/Mashriq, Peshawar), Shimaila Matri Dawood (D/Millat Gujrat), Mushtaq A Qureshi (M/Naey Ufaq), Inayatullah Khan Niazi (M/Naya Rukh), Rukhsana Saulat Saleemi (W/Nikhar), Faisal Zahid Malik (Pakistan Observer). Mubasher Mir (D/Pakistan, Lahore) Ilyas Shakir (D/Qaumi Akhbar), Dr Waqar Yousuf Azeemi (M/Roohani Digest), Riaz, Jamil Ather (D/Tijarat), Prof S B Hassan (M/Investment & Marketing) and Younus Raz (D/Beopar). Humayon Gulzar (D/Sayadat) attended as special observer.
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