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Another government school blown up in Orakzai

KALAYA: The militants blew up a state-run school in Orakzai Agency on Sunday. The sources said the militants placed explosives around the building of the Government Primary School for Girls in Tanda Storikhel village and triggered the explosions with a remote-control device early in the morning.

An official of the political administration said that no casualty occurred in the attack. He said nine tribesmen, belonging to the Storikhel tribe, had been arrested under the collective responsibility section of the Frontier Crimes Regulations as the attack took place in their area.

Meanwhile, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for destroying the school. Up to 93 schools have been destroyed in Orakzai tribal region so far.

Talking to reporters, elders of the area Shahbaz Khan and Ahmed Shah said that 10,000 kids were deprived of education due to the destruction of schools in Orakzai Agency.

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