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Anchors urged to make talks result-oriented

KARACHI: The senior journalists urged anchor persons to make the talks of different political figure result-oriented in their shows as they were opinion builders. Replying queries at discussion entitled ‘Media speak: how the media talks to us’ at KLF here on Sunday.

They observed that many times the debate remained inconclusive. The speakers included Mujahid Barelvi, Shaheen Salahuddin, Jasmeen Manzoor, while Ayesha Siddiqa was the moderator. Barelvi said they did not become anchors overnight but had spent their lives in that field. He said a decade back, when the electronic media emerged, there was no such concept that influential people would be made accountable over charges of corruptions on media, however, through these programmes they were made answerable in front of people. To a question, he said this was the journalism of new era, adding, if someone did not like any programme, one should switch to other channel of ones interest. Manzoor said a research work was carried out before airing any programme and a team and board keep vigil on it. She, however, said no one was perfect in all fields, so experts from different fields were called in shows if required. She said anchors were appreciated due to their distinct ways so one should not be bothered. Commenting on a query about rating, Manzoor argued that everyone wanted to be distinguished and top in ones field and there was nothing wrong if anchors wanted so.

The audience, while commenting, said there was editorial control across the world behind the talk shows, however, no editorial control was there in our country and the anchorperson was the master of his or her show. They said the anchors should be bound with the topic of the day and he or she should avoid giving their suggestions and opinions. The anchorpersons just raise questions and provoke the participants and compel them to utter the truth behind the scene. haris hanif

Source: Daily Times