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AMARC and Pakistan Press Foundation Appeal for Setting up Community Radio in Flood Affected Areas in Pakistan

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) and the Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) appeal to the Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to allow setting up of emergency community radio stations in areas that have suffered from the current floods in Pakistan.

We call upon all concerned agencies in Pakistan to be flexible and responsive to proposals for the establishment of community based broadcasting mechanisms so that any information gap that exists among the affected people is fulfilled and relief operations are made highly effective. AMARC offers its knowledge an d expert cy broadcasting mechanisms, gathered from working around the world in similar situations of natural disasters.

The important role of community radio in times of natural disaster for aiding relief operations as well as for supporting rehabilitation and rebuilding has been proven many times over. The recent examples of the positive power of community radio was seen in the earthquakes of Haiti and Chile where AMARC played an important role in facilitating the setting up of emergency broadcasting stations. It was not so long ago that community radios were brought to the forefront of the efforts to provide relief andrehabilitate those affected by the tsunami and floods in Indonesia.

AMARC and PPF highly appreciate the valuable work being carried out by radio stations in the flood affected areas. There is a need to complement theses efforts by bridging the gaps of information at the very local levels and among displaced peoples. Th is can b setting up emergency community radio stations.

AMARC, PPF and all other AMARC members in Pakistan offer sincere condolences to the families of those that have perished in the floods in Pakistan. We offer our solidarity and prayers to those that have suffered huge emotional and material losses and extend our support to those that are engaged in helping the affected.

*About AMARC:* AMARC is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement in over 110 countries, and advocating for the right to communicate at the international, national, local and neighbourhood levels. AMARC has an International Secretariat in Montreal. It has regional sections in Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific and offices in Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Brussels, and Kathmandu. For more information, please contact* *Suman Basnet, Regional Coordinator for Asia-Pacific,

*About PPF:* The Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) is an independent, non-profit organization that carries out media development activities such as the training of journalists, the promotion of standards of journalism, and the defence of the rights of media to free expression. The organization also promotes greater awareness of social and development issues through media. PPF is also involved in developing the capacities of FM radio stations to produce news and current affairs programmes so that citizens, both rural and urban are kept aware of developments that affect their lives. For more information please contact Owais Aslam Ali, Secretary General, Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) at
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