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All Pakistan Newspapers Society rejects anchorpersons’ allegations

ISLAMABAD: The All Pakistan Newspapers Society has rejected what it terms an irresponsible campaign by some elements in the electronic media to malign the APNS and the print media.

According to a press release, the executive committee of the APNS at a meeting held in Islamabad strongly condemned the assertion of some anchorpersons for accusing the APNS, in their petition in the Supreme Court, of being a beneficiary of secret funds of the Ministry of Information.

A resolution adopted by the committee rejected the assertion and said that the grant of Rs50 million for the APNS House was a special budgetary grant by the prime minister like the grants of over Rs500 million for press clubs across the country.

“The grant for the APNS House was duly utilised which is evident from the magnificent building constructed at Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Karachi, whereas the actual utilisation of grants to the press clubs is yet to materialise.”

The committee noted that the payment of Rs300 million against dues of government advertising was also being ‘scandalised’ whereas the Ministry of Information had clearly mentioned that the payment was being made to the APNS on account of outstanding dues of its advertising agencies and member publications for the July 2000 — June 2008 period.