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Al Islam protests against anti-Islam film

QUETTA: The members of Al Islam Group on Thursday staged a protest demonstration against US and anti-Islam film and expressed support for the stance President Asif Ali Zardari took on blasphemy law at the United Nations.

The protesters were carrying banners and placard inscribed with anti-US slogans. They chanted massive slogans against the US and the acts of blasphemy perpetrated against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They said that they would continue their protest until the perpetrators of blasphemy were brought to the book.

The protesters said send a message to the world community that such acts against Islam and the holy Prophet (PBUH) were intolerable. They asserted belief in peaceful protest, saying Islam is a religion of peace and therefore they did not want to inflict any loss upon their brethren by violent protests. They said that holy Quran forbade Muslims from uttering any words of contempt against any religion.

They said Muslims respected all the religions, adding that reviling any religion was un-Islamic and therefore the faith of the Muslims should also be respected. They condemned the film as provocative and called upon the Islamic countries to take a collective notice of it and compel the world to legislate on blasphemy in order to make it binding upon the citizens of the world to respect all the religions.

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