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AKU Board to start e-marking system in exams from April 2006v

KARACHI, June 16 2005: The Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) will introduced e-marking system in the ninth and tenth classes examinations from April, 2006, for schools registered with it. Dr Thomas Christie, Director, AKU-EB, said at a press briefing on June 15 at the AKUH to acquaint newsmen with the salient features of the examination board, that e-marking (electronic marking through the use of computers) would be the first such initiative in the South Asian region.

He said that many developed countries are only half way through as far as e-marking is concerned. “Even in England, at the University of Manchester, the system has covered only 80 percent of the road. It is yet to go further,” he added.

He said that this system of e-marking would bring about a qualitative change in the examination system as it would be transparent, time-efficient, provide feedback to the examiners on his/her performance and develop analytical and critical thinking in the students.

This system is anti-rote method of learning, which means the students would prepare themselves with the help of books, libraries and by interacting with their teachers.

He said that e-marking is the way towards quality assurance and a tool to give credibility to methods of evaluation of a student and his teachers. This would also be reflective of the content of the syllabus and the curriculum drawn for examinations. There would be a continuous system of getting feedback about the students, teachers and the syllabus, he added.
Source: Business Recorder