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Abhorrent remarks

Remarks reportedly made by the Sindh chief minister at a public meeting in Thatta on Sunday that a woman’s rule was ‘a curse’ are abhorrent and betray the kind of feudal and patriarchal mindset that has no place really in this day and age.

Perhaps the chief minister had in mind a possible return to power of the PPP and hence the derogatory remarks made against one half of the country’s population. However, such comments are unbecoming of a chief minister — the truth of the matter is that they are unbecoming of any rational, thinking and forward-looking person.

It is ironic that President Pervez Musharraf should count the chief minister as among his key supporters given that both seem to be on completely different wavelengths, especially on matters such as the role of women in public life in general and politics in particular.

A military dictator nonetheless, the general at least has the credit of introducing a much-needed quota for women in national, provincial and local governments but now we have a provincial chief minister who apparently has no qualms about publicly calling rule by a woman ‘unlucky’ and a ‘curse’.

At the very least, the chief minister needs to apologise for such coarse and untrue remarks. On a wider level, what the chief minister has perhaps said underlines the need for educated and less feudal people to enter politics.
Source: The News