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A media group doing baseless propaganda against govt: Kaira

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira, while commenting over issuance of show-cause notices to some members of PPP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), said on Sunday that issuing show-cause notices to the members for indiscipline is right of the party and a routine procedural matter.

Party has issued only show-cause notices to them on the charges of indiscipline and asked them for reply, he added. In a telephonic talk with a private TV channel, he said that criticising the party’s internal affairs openly was not desirable and he suggested that the dissident party members should discuss these matters during party meetings. He said that party had nothing to do with the protest against Sherry Rehman.

Party workers have great respect for Ms Rehman as she had played a significant role for restoration of democracy and supremacy of the Constitution, he added. Kaira said that cabinet members and other party leaders, including him, had participated in TV shows to explain the party’s viewpoint. He said any member of the party may have his or her own point of view but a party member has to abide by the party discipline and the party has the right to take action if anyone speaks against its policy.

Replying to a question, the minister said that a certain media group is not doing impartial journalism and is also involved in baseless propaganda against the PPP government. But even then the government has not put any kind of restriction on this group and no government advertisement has been stopped to it, Kaira said.
Source: The News