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A display of remarkable young talent

LAHORE: Novelty, creativity and amalgamation of traditional dexterity with contemporary trends are some of the salient features of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design thesis display 2012.

More than 100 students of fashion design, textile design, fashion marketing and furniture design put on display their creations, some of which were not only thought-provoking but also unique in ideas.

PIFD Principal Hina Tayyaba told Dawn: “The students’ projects are as diverse as students themselves and they have captured the essence of academic programmes.” She said the PIFD had visibly revolutionised fashion and design education in Pakistan.

The whole institute was wearing a happy look. Relatives, parents, art fanciers, fashion freaks and many other visitors related to art and design came in good numbers to see the works by the students.

A project titled ‘Sustainable’ by Muhammad Mohsin Ali was based on the need for sustainability. The thesis was based on sustainable fashion by utilising traditional basket-weaving techniques for the development of textiles and the construction of garments. Eco-friendly materials were used such as fiber extracted from bamboo, corn, soybean, milk and organic cotton.

Another Fashion Design project titled ‘Media is New Black Magic’ by Unaiza Tanveer Mir investigated the effects of media, both electronic and print, on an individual. The idea of control, entrapment and overpowering of the mind and body was presented through wires, ropes and other media elements.

A project of Fashion Design by Aleeza Abbas was interesting as it was based on F-16 fighter plane. The main focus was on the aerodynamic shapes of the jet which had been incorporated in the garments. The garments had simple cut lines and were structured to represent the sleek body of jet.

‘Textural Narration’ was based on fossils. The colour palette was a combination of richness and antiquity, silhouettes, embellishments and textures of garments interpreted and amalgamation of an eccentric, ancestral and biotic look.

Faiza Mubarak from Fashion Design had come up with garments reflective of the fact that women are suppressed in society due to various societal and domestic reasons. The focus of the thesis was to show feelings of hopelessness, negativity, and confusion through garments by un-emblematic textile surfaces and dreary colours.

A project from Fashion Marketing and Merchandising titled ‘Ethical Fashion’ by Farrukh Majeed was thought-provoking as it aimed to promote sustainable fashion within the country by providing education, training programmes. The other projects from Fashion Marketing and Merchandising also had interesting ideas on promotion of brands.

The Textile Design Department had also put on display their projects. ‘The Saga of Sadequain’ – a project by Muhammad Umar– was quite interesting, which was based on a range of upholstery fabrics. The inspiration was taken from the paintings of Sadequain. The objective of the project was to give commercial value to Sadequain’s paintings in the form of a textile product.

Another project titled ‘Development of a Snake Repellent Fabric’ by Masroor Ahmed also had great attraction for visitors. The theme of the project was extracted from the targeted areas’ embroidered technique called ‘katawaz’ which extracts colours to enhance the aesthetic value of the fabric.

From the Furniture Department, Nayab Safdar’s project ‘Bridging the Gap between Culture and Industry’ was good. It was based on the amalgamation of traditional crafts and contemporary furniture design.

Komal Tariq (Jewellery Department) had an interesting project to offer that was based on the scourge of terrorist activities in the country. It was symbolic showing egg and hand grenade together.

Anum Masood’s project ‘Autumn’ was inspired by Autumn. Her jewellery articles showed how the maple leaf changed its colours and shapes.

Ramsha Abid Bokhari’s project ‘Little Jewels for Little Ladies’ was also interesting. It was inspired by Barbie dolls. Anka Nadeem’s ‘Movable Jewllery’ was also of great interest for visitors.

Light-emitting jewellery by Anam Tahir Sheikh was also interesting, which was inspired by the golden age of Muslim civilisation.

Silk jewellery was also another great dimension of jewellery department project by Mahvish Naeem. The distinguished factor about the project was using textile techniques with metal The projects will remain on display till July 9.