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52 TV channels, 120 FM stations in country soon

KARACHI: Chairman, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Iftikhar Rashid has said that all 167 illegal FM channels operating mostly in parts of Balochistan and the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) had been closed. He encouraged investors who intend to launch new channels to do so with full confidence.Speaking as chairman of the fourth session of the conference on ‘100 years of radio’ at the arts council he said a proposal was under consideration to bring both PTV and PBC under Pemra.

He said by the end of next year, there would be one FM radio station in each district. The present operational 86 FM stations would increase to 120 by next January. Similarly, satellite television stations would also increase to 52.Referring to questions raised by some participants about the auction of FM channels, Mr Rashid said Pemra was not a government funded organisation, and had to raise revenue through licence fees. He disclosed 55 licences were purchased, but only 15 channels launched, while the other 40 were trying to sell the licences and Pemra cancelled them under the rules. He warned private channels screening offensive material or using loose language to mend their ways or strict action would be taken against them.
Source: Dawn