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In the name of honour

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IN recent days, following a tip from a discreet informant, two bodies were exhumed from a graveyard in Sherpao Colony, Karachi. A post-mortem examination conducted thereafter revealed that the two individuals had been subjected to intense torture in their final hours: they had been beaten, tied to a charpai and electrocuted until they died, and then […]

Saying ‘thank you’ to translators on International Translation Day

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Translation is a thankless job: if you translate well, the credit goes to the original writer and you get a bit of praise, if at all. And if translation does not go well, as often is the case, a debate entails that questions the very utility of translation business and the “value and pleasure of […]

Benazir Shaheed Park needs care, not to be turned into a free Wi-Fi zone

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KARACHI: The sun is setting behind the silhouettes of the tall cranes in the port as I look to the horizon standing in Benazir Shaheed Park. The water the park has circumscribed glistens as if saying good night to a darling it has a lasting bond with. More than a score or so young men […]

Pakistan’s requests to remove Twitter accounts doubled in six months: report

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KARACHI: The number of requests made by Pakistani authorities to Twitter for removal of accounts and information has doubled since last year, according to a bi-annual transparency report of the social networking website. Between January and June 30, the government asked Twitter to remove 24 accounts, and over 80 accounts were reported, with zero compliance. […]

Sea of sewage

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IN recent weeks, the residents of Karachi have been noticing that the waters of the Indian Ocean have been especially filthy. At Seaview, the beach most easily accessible to citizens, the waters have taken on a dark, oily tinge, a viscosity that is not that of normal seawater even by the standards of this metropolis […]

Pakistani media’s misplaced priorities

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The Pakistani media follows a certain template. Pick any newspaper in the morning or tune in to any news channel in the evening, stories related to politics always make it to the front pages and primetime news bulletins. Read articles in any newspaper or watch any talk show on TV, only one issue dominates — politics. It […]